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Frequently Asked Questions

What does lower mortality rate mean?

Mortality rate (or death rate) is usually expressed in units of deaths per 1,000 per year or it could be described as percent dead in a specific period of time. For example in the US: Lung cancer has a high mortality rate (46.0 per 100,000) vs thyroid cancer (0.5 per 100,000) which has a low mortality rate.

What does 6% mortality mean?

It means that people have all these other medical problems that are listed on the death certificate. They’re dying of those, and it just so happens, they also have COVID. So, they’re dying with COVID, instead of, of COVID. And that 6% is the true death rate, 6% of 160,000, or whatever that is.

What is standardized mortality rate?

Standardized Mortality Ratio. Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR) is a ratio between the observed number of deaths in an study population and the number of deaths would be expected, based on the age- and sex-specific rates in a standard population and the population size of the study population by the same age/sex groups.

What is risk adjusted mortality index?

Risk-adjusted mortality index (RAMI) RAMI is used to assess whether inpatient mortality across all medical and surgical patients deviates from the expected, taking risk factors into consideration. Care complications were excluded to focus on the patient’s risk for mortality on admission. All patients with do-not-resuscitate and palliative ...

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