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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch movies on my iPad?

To watch Amazon movies on your iPad, visit the Amazon website and click the "Instant Video" button because Amazon does not sell or rent movies directly from the app. You can then watch the video using the Amazon Instant Video app on your iPad.

How do you watch videos on iPad?

To watch downloaded or synced videos Tap the Videos icon on your iPad’s Home screen to launch the Videos app. Tabs are shown at the top of the screen, for Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Music Videos. Tap the title of the podcast or TV show episode you want to watch (for movies and music videos, skip to the next step).

How do I watch live TV on my iPad?

Watching live TV. On the iPad, you can see a channel list with a now-and-next guide alongside a small video window, or easily expand the video to fit the screen fully. On the iPhone, you still get the guide, but it fills the screen, as does the video when you tap on a channel. The quality of the video streams is really solid and reliable,...

Can I watch Direct TV on iPad?

DirecTv has an app that functions as a remote and if you are a Directv subscriber you can use it to watch live TV on the iPad with Live TV Streaming. The number of channels is somewhat limited and they don't have TV on demand on the iPad.

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