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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download movies to watch offline?

Here’s what you need to do: On the Netflix app, select the show or movie you want to download. Scroll down and look for the “download” icon, an arrow pointed down. Tap the download button. Now, simply return to the app while you’re offline and you can watch that movie or show without an Internet connection.

How do you play iTunes Movies on an iPad?

Importing from iTunes Attach your iPad to your computer. Open iTunes on a computer. Click the Music tab. Click Movies. Click the Recently Added tab. Click and drag a video into the iTunes window. Click the Home Videos tab. Right-click or Alt-click your movie. Select Add to Device. Click your iPad's name. Wait for iTunes to finish syncing your movie.

Can I watch movies on my laptop without WiFi?

Yes you can watch any movie you have downloaded to your iPad from iTunes or other services on your iPad without a WiFi connection. You do need WiFi to download a movie from iTunes, but once it is finished downloading you will be able to watch it on an airplane or while traveling.

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