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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to vote in Ohio?

Access Ohio’s Voter Registration form by clicking here. You may also use the National Mail Voter Registration form available at (opens in a new window). You also may ask a county board of elections or the Secretary of State's office to mail a voter registration form to you.

What is national voter registration day and why is it important?

National Voter Registration Day is a holiday celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September. It's goal is to focus attention on the importance of registering to vote and voting in our democracy during a single day of on-the-ground and digital efforts lead by government, nonprofits, and businesses.

What is the deadline to register to vote in Texas?

Your voter registration form must be received by the voter registration deadline, the 30th day before the election, in order to be eligible to vote in that election. You also may entrust your completed registration form to another person for delivery to elections officials.

How do I Change my Name when I register to vote?

If you are already registered to vote but have moved within Ohio and/or changed your name, you must update your voter registration by submitting a new voter registration form. Ohio's voter registration form also serves as a change of address and change of name form. It can be submitted through the mail or in person.

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