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Frequently Asked Questions

When is national voter registration day 2019?

This year, National Voter Registration Day is on September 24, 2019 and hundreds of events were planned across the nation. This page features a directory of all planned events so that future voters and those interested in volunteering can find local events near them.

What is national voter registration day and why is it important?

National Voter Registration Day reminds and educates American on the voter requirements. You must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a current resident of your state. When you see a National Voter Registration Day table or volunteer, you can do more than just register.

How do I register to vote in the US?

You will automatically be registered to vote on your 18th birthday. If you would like to register using a paper voter registration application, you can pick one up at your county elections office, library, Department of Motor Vehicles offices, or U.S. post office.

What is the deadline to register to vote in California?

In California, the deadline to register to vote for any election is 15 days before Election Day, so please register early! Voter Registration Deadlines for Upcoming Elections.

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