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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on the UCSC portal?

Applicants can view their admission status and to-do items. Faculty can view and print class rosters, email their classes, and post grades in MyUCSC. Staff members use the portal to view and update student information and to provide a number of direct services to students.

How is UC Santa Cruz selected for transfer students?

UC Santa Cruz uses faculty-approved criteria to determine which transfer students will be selected for admission. Junior-level transfer students selected for admission are expected to graduate within two years of their initial enrollment. Thinking of transferring to UC Santa Cruz?

What is myucsc campus portal?

MyUCSC Campus Portal. MyUCSC is the university's online academic information systems portal for students, applicants, faculty, and staff. It is used by students to enroll in classes, check grades, view financial aid and billing accounts, and update their personal information. Applicants can view their admission status and to-do items.

What is UCSC Extension?

Graduate students pursue study in 41 academic programs and concentrations, and are encouraged to explore connections between related fields. In the heart of Silicon Valley, UCSC Extension offers an accredited, convenient, and attractively priced alternative to degree programs.

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