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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Nu admissions portal?

There's a few threads that discuss the method of delivery for decisions. The consensus seems to be that NU doesn't have an admissions portal, but notifies their applicants through either email or snail mail. Hope that helps . I just called them. NU will notify students by both email and regular mail.

What is admission offer?

You have been offered admission to the college for the term indicated in your Letter of Admission. The offer is contingent upon successful completion of any academic work in progress and submission of final transcripts (if needed). We will inform you by letter and/or email what transcripts are needed and the due date.

What is admission notice?

What should I do? The Notice of Admission (NOA) is an important document issued to you by PRC upon applying for the licensure exam. After taking the exam, you need to present it again to the PRC either to enter the premises for the initial registration or to apply as a repeater after failing the exam.

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