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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the UCAS personal statement requirements?

UCAS Personal Statement Requirements 1 No longer than 4000 characters. 2 No longer than 47 lines. 3 Each line can be no longer than 94 characters. (Our character counter above already has a max line length of 94 characters unless otherwise noted.) 4 Characters include spaces, carriage returns, and punctuation.

What is the UCAS character Count?

You’ve spent weeks refining your personal statement – and there is now only one thing standing in the way of you and hitting send on your UCAS application: the UCAS character count. One of the most frustrating parts of the university admissions process is cutting down the personal statement to less than 4000 characters and 47 lines.

What is the difference between UCAS apply and teacher training personal statement?

The requirements for teacher training personal statements are different for UCAS Apply so this checker won't produce the correct results. Your personal statement will be shown formatted according to UCAS's requirements, and the length and character limit calculated to check it's length.

Should you use “impressive” words in your UCAS personal statement?

However, in light of the UCAS character count, this is not always the best approach. Long, “impressive” words can often hinder meaning and make it more difficult for the person reading your work to follow, especially after they have already read many personal statements that day.

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