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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the UCAS personal statement requirements?

UCAS Personal Statement Requirements 1 No longer than 4000 characters. 2 No longer than 47 lines. 3 Each line can be no longer than 94 characters. (Our character counter above already has a max line length of 94 characters unless otherwise noted.) 4 Characters include spaces, carriage returns, and punctuation.

What is the difference between UCAS apply and teacher training personal statement?

The requirements for teacher training personal statements are different for UCAS Apply so this checker won't produce the correct results. Your personal statement will be shown formatted according to UCAS's requirements, and the length and character limit calculated to check it's length.

Does the personal statement character limit include spaces?

Yes, it does include spaces as well as carriage returns. Check your statement with our personal statement checker above. Thanks for using our UCAS personal statement checker! We appreciate you taking the time to check your personal statement using our webpage.

What is the maximum line count for UCAS?

For readability purposes, the author used a different counting method than the standard UCAS system. However, the author did not use any automatic counting methods. The line count may vary depending on the font size used. Our character counter has a maximum line length of 94 characters.

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