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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Trackmaster?

Since 2018, the quality on the TrackMaster models have been notably downgraded, with poorer printing, often sold in the wrong packaging, and roughly edged plastic. To coincide with the premiere of Big World! Big Adventures!, the range offered three value packs featuring products from the 2018 wave and the Turbo Speed and Hyper Glow themes.

What are Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends toys?

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends toys let toddlers and preschoolers live out their own Island of Sodor stories with easy-to-connect train and track sets and all their favorite characters from the show.

Are Thomas TrackMaster engines compatible with GeoTrax?

The engines and track from Thomas Trackmaster, Take 'n Play/Adventures, Wooden Railway, and Geotrax products are NOT compatible with each other. How can I replace the couplers on my Trackmaster engine?

Is there a TrackMaster Freddie?

A TrackMaster Freddie was made although he hasn't been seen in the show since 2008. Emily, Freddie, Spencer 's Trackmaster Revolution models, and flip face Salty feature their model series faces despite all having a CGI one each. Mike is the only miniature engine made in TrackMaster.

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