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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Trackmaster?

TrackMaster is a battery-operated toy system manufactured by Fisher-Price, Mattel in the US. The range was launched in 2007 after previous owners, TOMY, lost their licence to HiT Toy Company to make the Motor Road and Rail range. However, TOMY did sell the range in the UK up until 2010. In 2010, Fisher Price picked up HiT Toys' license.

What are the features of the Trackmaster connector?

Features plastic connectors to attach to other Push Along and Motorized TrackMaster engines, vehicles, cargo cars or tenders (sold separately and subject to availability) Highly detailed to reflect the colors and designs of the character from the show

Does the Trackmaster Buster have a removable roof?

TrackMaster Buster has a removable roof, with its own product information listed on the underside as if it were separate from Buster altogether. “There's more where that came from!” For more information, check out the TrackMaster Wiki.

What is the only miniature engine in Trackmaster?

Mike is the only miniature engine made in TrackMaster. TrackMaster Millie was going to be released as a Greatest Moments pack but was later cancelled, making her the only television series narrow gauge engine without a TrackMaster variant.

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