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Frequently Asked Questions

What does stills murmur mean?

Still’s murmur (a.k.a. “innocent murmur” or “functional murmur”) refers to a benign flow murmur across the aortic valve from high cardiac output and/or increased contractility (inotropy ...

When to evaluate heart murmurs?

Structural heart disease is more likely when the murmur is holosystolic, diastolic, grade 3 or higher, or associated with a systolic click; when it increases in intensity with standing; or when it has a harsh quality. Chest radiography and electrocardiography rarely assist in the diagnosis of heart murmurs in children.

Is a heart murmur a sign of heart disease?

Heart murmurs can be harmless (innocent) or abnormal. An innocent heart murmur is not a sign of heart disease and doesn't need treatment. Abnormal heart murmurs require follow-up testing to determine the cause. Treatment is directed at the cause of your abnormal heart murmur.

Is a hole in the heart the same as a heart murmur?

In the right ventricle , this oxygen-rich blood mixes with the oxygen-poor blood and goes back to the lungs. The blood flowing through the hole creates an extra noise, which is known as a heart murmur . The heart murmur can be heard when a doctor listens to the heart with a stethoscope.

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