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Frequently Asked Questions

What is servicemodel metadata utility tool?

ServiceModel Metadata Utility Tool (Svcutil.exe) The ServiceModel Metadata Utility tool is used to generate service model code from metadata documents, and metadata documents from service model code.

What is servicesvcutil Exe?

Svcutil.exe only generates code for types used by Service Contracts found in the input assemblies. Specifies the path to an assembly that contains service contract types.

What is the use of svcutil?

This can be used to register system.serviceModel extensions without altering the tool's configuration file. Specifies the output to be generated by the tool. Valid values are code, metadata or xmlSerializer. Svcutil.exe can generate code for service contracts, clients and data types from metadata documents.

Can the maintenance Reset Utility be used on my product?

The Maintenance Reset Utility was already used on your product. The Maintenance Reset Utility cannot be used again in order to ensure the proper operation of our devices to minimize the risks of property damage or personal injury.

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