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Frequently Asked Questions

What are utility trucks used for?

A service truck, also referred to as a mechanic or utility truck, can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including preventative maintenance on utilities, minor mechanical repairs to vehicles and equipment, welding, and landscaping in high-clearance areas that require a bucket to reach.

What is an utility truck?

A utility track is a second rail that runs inside the truck bed underneath the bed rails. This utility track rail runs from bulkhead to tailgate. It is usually added as a factory upgrade used for securing truck cargo. This second rail is known as a utility track, cargo mangagement system, utili-track,...

What is a service truck?

Truck Service Inc. is an asset-based, family owned truckload transportation company that has been in operation since 1975 in Forest City, North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing superior trucking services and building long lasting relationships with each of our customers and employees.

What is service pickup?

Definition of pickup service. : the collection of small shipments from a customer's door by trucks acting for railroads, truck lines, or airlines.

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