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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add React-DOM to CodePen?

First thing first, create a new pen on CodePen. Once done, go to the Settings (see top right of the page). In the dialog box that appears ( Pen Settings ), click JS. In the search bar, type react. In the result click react to add it. Repeat the same action to add react-dom. After adding all packages you need, click Save & Close button.

How to make react available on global scope?

Instead of using import, use destructuring assignments to get React.Component. After adding react to codepen through js settings, it executes the script which will make React available on global scope, window. I noticed that process.env.NODE_ENV is undefined in ReactDOM 16.2 js file, if you import the CDN from Quick-add.

How to conditionally include an element in react?

It can be handy for conditionally including an element: It works because in JavaScript, true && expression always evaluates to expression, and false && expression always evaluates to false. Therefore, if the condition is true, the element right after && will appear in the output. If it is false, React will ignore and skip it.

What are the advantages of using CodePen?

Codepen also has another advantage that you will easily upload your code to GitHub and share your code with anybody without any difficulty. Codepen also has one more advantage that you will see other people project and code, it becomes better ways to learn a project.

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