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Frequently Asked Questions

What is usestate in react?

useState() is a hook that lets us declare state variables in a pair of functional components. This pair contains a variable that stores the initial value of the state and a function that stores the updated value of the state and React does a nice job of remembering these values and displays the current value when told to do so.

What is 'this' in react?

When using ‘this’ in an object, this will refer to the object itself. This makes it easy to refer to an object’s values in the object’s methods. In React component classes we define methods that will refer to class attributes such as props and state.

What is the empty tag in react?

The empty tags ( <> ... </>) in react do not support keys or attributes. However, since they're meant as a shorter syntax for <React.Fragment>, you may simply use the full syntax instead when you need to add an attribute (such as the key attribute). To demonstrate this, let's suppose that in a collection of four navigation menu items you need the logo to appear in the center visually; the code for that with empty tag syntax might look something like the following:

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