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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of questions are on a notary practice test?

One question asks whether a notary has permission to certify documents in all states. Copy certification is the topic of two questions. Notaries should know under what legal circumstances is it okay to use a copy certification by document custodian. Another question focuses on the issue of unauthorized copies and immigration documents.

Is there an exam for becoming a notary?

Yes. You must pass a one-hour, closed-book, proctored exam. The multiple-choice test is based on the Notary Public License Law. Examination schedules are posted on the Department's website in January and July of each year.

Is Nebraska a notary state?

Browsing Notaries in Nebraska. The Secretary of State in Nebraska is the one responsible for issuing and enforcing licenses for Nebraska Notaries Public. As a first time notary public applicant, it is important that you read the official Nebraska Notary Public Handbook. Requirements to become a notary public in Nebraska:

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