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Frequently Asked Questions

Why to become a notary?

Reasons for Becoming a Notary. Becoming a notary public is an official service, an office of the state in which the notary resides. Reasons for accepting this office vary, from work-related requirements to generating extra income by offering this valuable service.

Why to use a notary?

Why Use a Notary. Using a notary public can help lower the risks of doing business, Low Cost, Helps Prevent Fraud and Can Help in Collections. Having certain papers notarized also is important when disputes are litigated; affidavits, which are sworn statements, will not be considered by a court unless they are notarized.

What does it take to become a notary?

The training required to become a notary varies by state. Some states require notaries to take a three-or six-hour course before they can take a notary public examination, while others require only that notaries pass an examination.

What are the benefits of being a notary?

The Advantages of Becoming a Notary Public. It is an honor to work for public service. Notaries make document processing fast and efficient. Working as a notary is a great source of extra income. Having a notary commission gives you a career edge.

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