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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tools of monitoring and evaluation?

The common ground for monitoring and evaluation is that they are both management tools. For monitoring, data and information collection for tracking progress according to the terms of reference is gathered periodically which is not the case in evaluations for which the data and information collection is happening during or in view of the evaluation.

What are the similarities between monitoring and evaluation?

The primary difference between monitoring and evaluation is that while monitoring is a continuous activity, performed at the functional level of management, evaluation is a periodic activity, performed at the business level. To get some more differences on these two, check out the article presented below.

What are the characteristics of an effective monitoring system?

Consistency in inclusion of key dimensions. A commitment to equity means a commitment to consistency in measuring equity-relevant demographic and social characteristics. ... Strong instruments for outcome measurement. An MEL system is only as good as the quality of the data it collects. ... Comparison points. ... Adequately powered samples. ... Longitudinal designs. ...

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