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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set the line width in Matplotlib legend?

set_linewidth () Method to Set the Line Width in Matplotlib legend The linewidth parameter in the plot function can be used to control the width of the plot of a particular object, and the set_linewidth () method can be used to control the width of the lines of the legend in Matplotlib.

How do I change the linewidth of a legend?

By default, the legend contains the lines themselves. Therefore changing the linewidth of the lines in the canvas will also change the lines in the legend (and vice versa, as they are essentially the same object). A possible solution is to use a copy of the artist from the canvas and change only the copy's linewidth.

How do I create a legend?

Legend guide ¶ 1 Controlling the legend entries ¶. Calling legend () with no arguments automatically fetches the legend handles and their associated labels. 2 Creating artists specifically for adding to the legend (aka. Proxy artists) ¶. ... 3 Legend location ¶. ... 4 Multiple legends on the same Axes ¶. ... 5 Legend Handlers ¶. ...

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