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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change Legend font size in Matplotlib?

legend() to change the font size of a Matplotlib legend. Call matplotlib. pyplot. legend(list, prop= {'size': new_size}) twith list as a list of labels and new_size as an integer to change the font size to new_size .

How to change the position of a legend in Matplotlib?

ax.legend () () Matplotlib legend inside. Matplotlib legend on bottom. To place the legend on the bottom, change the legend () call to: ax.legend (loc='upper center', bbox_to_anchor= (0.5, -0.05), shadow=True, ncol=2) Take into account that we set the number of columns two ncol=2 and set a shadow.

How to add legend below subplots in Matplotlib?

Matplotlib Server Side Programming Programming. To add legends in a subplot, we can take the following Steps −. Using numpy, create points for x, y1, y2 and y3. Create a figure and a set of subplots, using the subplots () method, considering 3 subplots. Plot the curve on all the subplots (3), with different labels, colors.

How to place the legend outside of a Matplotlib plot?

legend() to move the legend outside the plot. Call matplotlib. pyplot. legend(loc=str, bbox_to_anchor=tuple, ncol=n) with str as a string representing the general location to place the legend, tuple as an x, y coordinate further specifying the location of the legend, and n as the desired number of columns in the legend …

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