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How did the map of London change in the 18th century?

From GRAVESEND to WINDSOR East and West, and from ST. ALBANS to WESTERHAM North and South with the CIRCUIT of the PENNY POST In the second half of the18th century, the introduction of turnpike roads and the increased coach-traffic in and out of London contributed to the popularity of the maps of the countryside around the capital.

What happened in the year 1870 in the United Kingdom?

Events from the year 1870 in the United Kingdom . General Post Office takes over business of private telegraph companies. Inman Line 's SS City of Boston departs Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a passage for Liverpool on which it will be lost with all 191 aboard.

What was London like in the 1830s?

The detailed 1830 map produced by celebrated cartographers shows how vast swathes of South and East London were practically uninhabited. THEN...vast swathes of the modern city were still canals, ponds and green fields in the early 19th century Credit: Bournemouth News

How big is the map of London?

The map, which carries a dedication to William IV, measures about 4ft by 6ft and uses a scale of 8ins to a mile. Christopher and John Greenwood spent three years preparing the new survey of London before it was published.

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