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What is the descriptive map of London poverty 1889?

The map was expanded in 1891 to four sheets - covering an area from Kensington in the west to Poplar in the east, and from Kentish Town in the north to Stockwell in the south - and published in subsequent volumes of the survey. These maps are collectively known as the Descriptive Map of London Poverty 1889.

How many maps of London were there in 1898-9?

The 12 Maps Descriptive of London Poverty, 1898-9 cover an area of London from Hammersmith in the west, to Greenwich in the east, and from Hampstead in the north to Clapham in the south. The Charles Booth archive at LSE Library contains a possible thirteenth sheet, covering Woolwich (archive reference number: Booth/A/49 ).

How many people died in London in 1890?

1890 London had 5,728 street accidents, resulting in 144 deaths. London was the site of the world's first traffic lights , installed at the crossroads of Bridge, Great George, and Parliament Streets outside the Houses of Parliament .

What is the 1891 Plan of London?

This detailed 1891 plan of London is one of a series of forty seven sheets in an atlas originally produced to aid insurance companies in assessing fire risks.

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