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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Logitech capture with OBS?

I am running Capture 2.04.13 with a HD Pro Webcam C920 and a fresh install of OBS on Windows 10 (both Capture and OBS are 64-bit). I've read that you simply need to add a Video Capture Device in OBS and Logitech Capture will be one of your choices. For me, it's just plain not there. Logitech Capture works great by itself, all features are there.

How do I use the video capture device in OBS Studio?

On the main OBS Studio window, click the + button in the Sources section (in the bottom-middle of the window), and then click Video Capture Device. Name the source — we suggest ChromaCam.

What streaming platforms does loglogitech capture support?

Logitech Capture also has streaming support (Windows only) for streaming platforms such as Twitch, OBS, YouTube, and Facebook Live. This free app is available for Windows 10 and MacOS.

Should I download the Logitech webcam app?

If you have a Logitech webcam, you may want to consider downloading the webcam manufacturer’s webcam and streaming app, Logitech Capture.

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