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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of capture?

English Language Learners Definition of capture (Entry 1 of 2) : the act of taking and holding someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner : the act of getting control of something

Why should I use capture?

You choose what photos you want to share - and with whom. Your photos are automatically uploaded if you enable this in the app. Capture automatically saves a backup of your photos, making them safe no matter what happens to your phone. We never compress your photos. Photos and videos will always be saved at full resolution and quality.

What does it mean to capture an award?

1 to receive as return for effort. the movie's producers captured several awards for their work. Synonyms for capture. acquire, attain, bag, bring in, carry, come by,

Who uses capture one?

With Capture One, you get the same pro tools loved by world-class photographers. Editorial and commercial photographer Tina Eisen uses Capture One to create incredible photos for major brands.

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