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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Logitech capture?

Logitech Capture Install Logitech Capture to customize your video recordings with transition effects, filters, text overlays, colored borders and ChromaKey settings. And use the Capture app to adjust your webcam settings, aspect ratio, recording resolution and more.

How do I adjust the camera settings in loglogitech capture?

Logitech Capture makes it easy to record with multiple sources by selecting a Scene. Image Adjustment settings are located on the video source tab. Auto Focus and White Balance settings are also located here. Resolution & Frames Per Second settings are located on the camera tab.

How do I use streamcam with Logitech capture?

Simply rotate StreamCam 90º to switch into Portrait. Access this mode for other sources in the resolution settings. Vertical video is ideal for creating videos that will be viewed on mobile devices. Activate Auto Framing by switching the toggle on. With facial tracking, Logitech Capture will automatically frame your face front and center.

Why is capture not working on my Logitech camera?

When Capture is using a Logitech camera, it may not work well if other apps start using the same camera. Capture’s video feed may freeze or slow down if another application accesses the same camera as Capture in a different resolution/frame rate.

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