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Frequently Asked Questions

Do lobbyists pay politicians?

Lobbying is protected by the redress clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is illegal for a lobbyist to pay or to give gifts to a member of Congress in return for his or her vote. However, there are many ways in which lobbyists use gifts or campaign contributions to sway legislators' votes.

Is lobbying good or bad?

There is nothing inherently wrong with lobbying. Lobbying encourages people to play an active role in their government — it’s protected by the First Amendment as our right “to petition the government.” The problem is when lobbyists use money to buy influence with our government. Lobbyists today funnel millions of dollars into the hands of Congress.

How do states define lobbying and lobbyist?

There are 50 states in the Union, and no fewer than 50 sets of state laws that govern lobbying, so it’s easiest to start by identifying key similarities among the states. All of them generally define lobbying as an effort to influence the actions of government. They define a lobbyist as someone who is paid to perform lobbying efforts.

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