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Frequently Asked Questions

Is politics symbolic?

Anthony York, a spokesman for the governor, also argued that politics are more than just symbolic. Newsom's efforts to call out the oil industry are a key component of his policy agenda.

Is it about playing politics?

"IIt’s not about playing politics," Christie told Fox News host Martha MacCallum on "The Story." "The second-worst thing to do after making a joke on a day like today is to play politics with it. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the president did. He went back to the old playbook."

How is the Congress fighting the polls in Karnataka?

The Congress seems to be fighting the polls in Karnataka so far on the strength of its local leadership and focusing on issues concerning the State making corruption a central theme of its campaigning.

What's behind the June 26 mayoral byelection?

The upcoming June 26 mayoral byelection (that timeline still needs to be approved by city council) was triggered by Tory's sudden resignation last month, which came after he admitted to an extramarital relationship with a former staffer in his office.

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