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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of learning theory?

LEARNING THEORY: A HISTORY. Even before psychology became an experimental science in the 1890s, learning was an important part of it. But there came a time in the 1910s when psychologists started to become fascinated by learning concepts and learning theories.

What is good criminal justice theory?

Good criminal justice requires both. Theory devoid of method - explanation without accurate supportive data - is just as mush ritualistic dead end as method devoid of theory. Both theory and method should be viewed as means to an end, the end being sound criminal justice knowledge.

Why is there so little criminal justice theory?

This weak theory tradition is due in part to the youth of the discipline, which originated in the 1950s, and in part to the abundance of descriptive, evaluative, and policy-driven research that tended to short cut the iterative process of theory construction.

Why is theory important in criminal justice?

“Classical” theories of criminal behavior are appealing to criminal justice policy makers, because they are based on the premise that the key to solving the crime problem is to have a strong system of formal social control.

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