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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the theories of criminological theories?

Criminological theories are primarily concerned with etiology (the study of causes or reasons for crime), but occasionally have important things to say about actors in the criminal justice system, such as police, attorneys, correctional personnel, and victims.

What is a theory pertaining to criminology?

Criminology is the study of crime and punishment. The individual trait theory of criminology says that certain personality traits make people more likely to become criminals. Personality traits are influenced by both nature, or biological and genetic factors, and nurture, or environmental factors.

What is the history of learning theory?

LEARNING THEORY: A HISTORY. Even before psychology became an experimental science in the 1890s, learning was an important part of it. But there came a time in the 1910s when psychologists started to become fascinated by learning concepts and learning theories.

What is the life course theory of Criminology?

One of the theories that one can study through Criminology is the Life Course Theory, which is “a perspective that focuses on the development of antisocial behavior, risk factors at different ages, and the effect of life events on individual development. (Fuller: Pg 140.

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