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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ingles Advantage™ Card work?

When you make purchases using The Ingles Advantage™ Card, Ingles will give back to the school a portion of those sales. The portion can be used by the school to purchase computers and school supplies. Get more information and to link your card.

How do iningles Advantage Card savings work?

Ingles Advantage Card savings will be automatically deducted from your total purchase, and a summary of the savings for that transaction are printed right on your receipt. When can I start saving?

When do I have to re-enroll my Ingles Advantage Card?

You must re-enroll your Ingles Advantage Card at the beginning of each school year. Ingles will maintain a cumulative total for the selected school (limit 1 school per household) and will provide the reward to the school on the pay out period date. What purchases qualify for Tools for Schools?

Do I Lose my Ingles Advantage Card if I forget it?

No. If you shop with Ingles and use your Ingles Advantage Card, you will receive special offers. If you forget your card, we can look up your Ingles Advantage Card number at the store customer service by your phone number, or you have the option to sign-up for a replacement/new card at that time.

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