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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for advantage?

Synonyms for advantage include benefit, asset, boon, blessing, profit, aid, help, plus, value and convenience. Find more similar words at!

Is advantage an adjective?

[ad-vuh n-tey-juh s] See more synonyms for advantageous on adjective. providing an advantage; furnishing convenience or opportunity; favorable; profitable; useful; beneficial: an advantageous position; an advantageous treaty.

What are adjectives for advantage?

Adjectives for advantages. above, accidental, actual, adaptive, added, additional, adventitious, agricultural, alleged, apparent, artificial, artistic, attendant, basic, best, better, big, biggest, brilliant, certain, chief, civil, clear, climatic, clinical, cognitive, collateral, commercial, common, comparative, compensating, compensatory,...

What are Advantage Solutions?

Advantage Solutions was formed in October 1997 to combine the strongest sales and marketing agents in the country. AS's goal was to become the leading sales and marketing agency serving the consumer packaged goods industry.

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