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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there temporary restrictions on watering in Hillsborough County?

Properties not subject to temporary restrictions in the south part of Hillsborough County follow these year-round watering days and times. These restrictions apply to most water sources, including private wells, ponds, or lakes used as alternate irrigation supply. See the Rules tab for additional information.

What are the year-round conservation measures in Hillsborough County?

Year-round conservation measures limit lawn and landscape watering to specific allowed days and times based on the property address. Unless otherwise noted, the County's water use restrictions apply to all properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County and all water sources except reclaimed water.

What is a year-round watering restriction?

Allowing water to be dispersed to accomplish a purpose for which water use is unnecessary or which can be readily accomplished through alternative methods without water use. Hillsborough County Code Enforcement regularly enforces county ordinances for year-round watering restrictions.

Why did Hillsborough County adopt a one day a week ordinance?

In January 2021, Hillsborough County adopted the one-day-a-week temporary ordinance for users in South County to help improve potable water pressure. The ordinance was not due to drought conditions or water supply concerns.

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