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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tampa have the same watering days as Hillsborough County?

The City of Tampa and unincorporated Hillsborough County have the same watering days. Other water use restrictions, including allowed irrigation times, maintenance allowances and chemical watering-in allowances may be different! Water use restrictions are enforced within municipal or county jurisdictions.

How does the Tampa Water Department update local water restrictions?

The Tampa Water Department publishes updates and changes to local water restrictions in these ways: media releases, Twitter , Facebook, informational Alert Tampa emails, NextDoor, and utility customer billing inserts. Violating water use restrictions in Tampa may result in fines ranging from $100 to $450 and a mandatory court appearance.

Why did Hillsborough County lift the one-day a week ordinance?

In January 2021, Hillsborough County adopted the one-day-a-week temporary ordinance for users in South County to help improve potable water pressure. The ordinance, which was scheduled to be lifted in January 2023, was not due to drought conditions or water supply concerns.

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