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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a Genius Bar reservation?

There are two ways to make a Genius Bar reservation at an Apple Store: You can use the Apple Support app Or you can use Apple’s website support page Both methods will help you book a Genius Bar appointment in just a few steps.

What is the Genius Bar?

Before going straight to the steps, it might be helpful to understand what the Genius Bar is and what to expect when you get there. The Genius Bar is a tech support station inside Apple’s retail stores. The people that work there are called Geniuses, and they have extensive knowledge of Apple products.

How do I make an Apple Genius Bar appointment?

1 Making an Apple Genius Bar Appointment. You can use the app for this process, too. ... 2 Describe Your Problem. A set of common help topics will be displayed. ... 3 Choose a Genius Bar Appointment. Choose how you'd like to get help. ... 4 Select Apple Store, Date, and Time for Genius Bar Appointment. ...

How can genius support help you?

* Special store hours. How can we help you? Need help finding what’s right for you? Connect with a Specialist online. Or in a one-on-one session at an Apple Store. From setting up your device to recovering your Apple ID to replacing a screen, Genius Support has you covered.

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