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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an Apple Genius Bar appointment?

1 Making an Apple Genius Bar Appointment. You can use the app for this process, too. ... 2 Describe Your Problem. A set of common help topics will be displayed. ... 3 Choose a Genius Bar Appointment. Choose how you'd like to get help. ... 4 Select Apple Store, Date, and Time for Genius Bar Appointment. ...

How do I contact a Genius Bar?

If your issue doesn't need a Genius Bar visit (certain software issues) you'll be given the option to speak to an agent by live chat or phone call, which you can select by tapping whichever method you'd prefer. 3. If your issue requires a visit to a Genius Bar, you'll see an option to Bring in for Repair.

How do I Manage my reservations?

There are links to “Manage my reservations,” “Driving directions and map,” reminders of what you need to do before the appointment, and your Case ID. Saving this email and/or the Case ID is strongly recommended so any future service or appointments can access this initial appointment.

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