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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Fury about?

Fury (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Salted Peanuts Small-town deputy Bugs (young-ish Walter Brennan) arrests innocent traveler Joe Wilson (Spencer Tracy), who then meets Sheriff Hummel (Edward Ellis) as the frame starts to fit, early in Fritz Lang's lynch-mob drama Fury, 1936. Fury (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Make Me Use Force!

Is fury felt on Blu-ray?

Fury Is Felt on Blu-Ray Verified purchase Warner Archive released this 1936 drama directed by Fritz Lang and starring Spencer Tracy as an innocent man who is mistaken for a kidnapper, then targeted by an angry mob of townspeople who burn down the jail he was held at.

Is Fury Fritz Lang's Best Film?

Fritz Lang's devastating indictment of mob violence, considered by many his best American film, Fury (1936) explores the director's fascination with the nature of justice and revenge also treated in his German masterpiece M (1931) and later American productions The Big Heat (1953) and You Only Live Once (1937).

Who is Sheriff Hummel in fury?

Suspected killer Joe Wilson (Spencer Tracy) inside, Sheriff Hummel (Edward Ellis) tries to keep the angry crowd at bay outside the jail, in Fritz Lang's Fury, 1936. Ben Mankiewicz Intro -- Fury (1936) Ben Mankiewicz introduces Fury, 1936.

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