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What are facts about 1936?

Here are some facts one may not know about the Hero of the 1936 Berlin Olympics: 1. Change in name due to an incident of mispronunciation- Born as James Cleveland Owens, the athlete was called 'JC' by his family. At the age of 9, when he went to Bolton ...

What was going on in the world in 1936?

What happened in 1936 Major News Stories include Jesse Owens wins 4 Gold medals, The Queen Mary begins Atlantic crossings, Spanish Civil War begins, King Edward VIII abdicates to marry Wallis Simpson, Hoover Dam finished, BBC first public TV broadcasts, Crystal Palace Is Destroyed By Fire,

Were there cars in 1936?

Cars introduced in 1936‎ (40 P) L. Railway locomotives introduced in 1936‎ (28 P) S. 1936 ships‎ (1 C, 256 P) Pages in category "Vehicles introduced in 1936"

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