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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the US enact the policy of containment?

The United States enacted the policy of containment in at least two main ways. First, the US tried to use economic and political means to tie other countries closer to it and keep them from ...

What was the policy of containment that the US adopted?

The term containment, introduced by the Truman Administration, describes the foreign policy pursued by the United States after the Second World War. The policy itself was an attempt to 'contain' the Soviet Union within its current borders and frustrate any attempts of expansion.

Why did the US policy of containment come about?

The United States developed its policy of containment to prevent communism from spreading further into Europe and the rest of the world. The concept was first outlined in George Kennan's "Long Telegram," which he sent from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The message arrived in Washington, D.C., on February 22, 1946, and was circulated widely around the White House.

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