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Frequently Asked Questions

What does community care mean?

Community Care. Community Care is designed for those individuals that just need a little help where they are. Biblical Concepts can work within the community to assist with some basic assistance and oversight. Biblical Concepts can customize a care plan to help fit your specific in home needs.

What is community care and counseling?

Community Care and Counseling of Aiken is a ministry of the Aiken community. Located in Faith Cottage at 110 Chesterfield Street, NE, the mission of this center is to facilitate the emotional, mental, and spiritual growth and health of families, couples, and individuals.

What is a community based care?

Community-based care serves as a "bridge" between orphanage and settlement house. Adolescents are placed in a family in their community. The guardians will provide individual care and nurture in the context of a family and community. This teaches adolescents more independence.

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