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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Care Partnership?

Partnership for Community Care has Social Workers and support staff to help you with issues related to mental health and substance use disorders including opioid safety to help you achieve total health.

What is a partner in care?

Care Partners: May be family members or close friends, age 18 or older, who are designated by the patient as the primary source of physical, psychological, emotional and/or spiritual support.

What are care partners?

Care Partners are family members or close friends hand-picked by patients to support them during their treatment. Hospital and long term care patients who have the support of Care Partners may have fewer complications and less stress, according to the Institute for Patient- and Family-Centered Care.

What is a Community Partner Program?

The Community Partners program was created with the idea that individuals, when freed from having to worry about getting their basic needs met, will be able to achieve more in the case management and supportive services they receive in the community.

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