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Frequently Asked Questions

Why were the Italian city states important to the Renaissance?

Why were they important? The wealth of the Italian city-state played an important role in the Renaissance. This wealth allowed prominent families to support artists, scientists, and philosophers spurring on new ideas and artistic movements. Florence is where the Renaissance first began.

Which were the major Italian cities in the Renaissance era?

Italian City-States. At the time of the Renaissance Italy was governed by a number of powerful city-states. These were some of the largest and richest cities in all of Europe. Some of the more important city-states included Florence, Milan, Venice, Naples, and Rome.

What were cities in Italy like during the Renaissance?

The centuries of the Renaissance saw the major Italian cities turn from dark medieval cities of wood into bright cities of marble. Dwellings began to be designed differently as life in the city emerged from the courtyards and into the streets and public squares.

How did the city states of Italy create the Renaissance?

Italian city-states trading during the late Middle Ages set the stage for the Renaissance by moving resources, culture, and knowledge from the East . While Northern Italy was not richer in resources than many other parts of Europe, the level of development, stimulated by trade, allowed it to prosper.

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