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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the synonym of during?

Synonyms of during. in the course of. we wrote notes during the boring lecture. Synonyms for during. amid. (or amidst), by, over, pending,

What is the origin of the word during?

Word Origin and History for during. During the day really is "while the day endures," and the usage is a transference into English of a Latin ablative absolute (cf. durante bello "during (literally 'enduring') the war").

What is the difference between during and for?

During can refer to the whole time of the event: … During or for? We use during to say when something happens, if it happens in or over a period of time. We use for to talk about the length of time something lasts. … They work during the night and sleep by day. We hope to spend some weekends in the country during the summer.

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