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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exercise ball chair used for?

Exercise Ball Chair (55cm, 65cm & 75cm) - Yoga Ball & Stability Ring. For Pregnancy, Balance, Pilates or Birthing Therapy. Use at Office, Gym or Home.

What is the Best Yoga Ball Chair?

The RGGD&RGGL yoga ball chair is one of the heavy-duty exercise balls available in the market. It is made of anti-allergy, non-toxic material and is constructed with multiple layered PVC to resist wear and tear.

What is the luxfit balance ball chair?

The LuxFit Balance Ball Chair is a durable and ergonomically designed exercise ball chair for home or office use. It is designed by health experts for a healthy spine and back. Its removable stand and backrest instantly double the ball chair’s function, allowing you to engage your core and correct your posture.

What makes the mantra sports fitness exercise ball chair so special?

The Mantra Sports Fitness Exercise Ball Chair is made of perfectly balance between fitness and lifestyle management. This professional heavy-duty exercise ball is made with multi-layered heavy-duty PVC synthetic plastic material for ultimate fitness and comfort. It is a perfect ball chair to make you fit while you sit and relax your back and spine.

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