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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the largest digital camera market share in 2019?

But despite Sony’s impressive array of mirrorless models, it is Canon that managed to capture the largest digital camera market share in 2019, and has continued to eclipse its competitors by showing significant overall market share growth from 2018.

Will the shrinking digital camera market ever stabilize?

In 2019, camera units sold dropped by over 22%, which mirrors last year’s 22% decline, and suggests that the shrinking digital camera market won’t stabilize anytime soon. Nikkei also revealed individual market share numbers: Last July, we reported on market share data, and the biggest news was Nikon’s decline.

How important is market share to photographers?

Market share is important for the camera makers and camera retailers, not so important for photographers. Oh really, if the records are right, Canon has been the top market share holder of ILC for the 17th consecutive year. And they'll continue to.

Which segment dominated the indoor camera market in 2019?

In terms of revenue, the indoor camera application segment dominated the market with a share of 40.2% in 2019. This is attributed to the surge in the number of burglary cases, which are drawing attention of residential households towards indoor security.

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