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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the digital camera market in 2020?

The global digital camera market reached a value of US$ 13.1 Billion in 2020. Digital cameras, also known as digicams, are utilized for capturing digital images and videos that can be displayed on the viewfinder or live preview screen.

Are smartphones the future of commercial photography?

While smartphone cameras have more features that use AI and computational photography techniques, they still lack behind in terms of quality. Hence, the commercial photography market will always depend on digital cameras. However, the increase in digital camera prices is also expected to affect the studied market negatively.

What is the future of the camera lens market?

Thus, it will impact the camera lens market, with the demand expected to hover around 10 million in interchangeable and 11 million in non-interchangeable camera lens in 2018. A camera lens, also known as a photographic lens, is the most integral and essential part of a camera.

What is the competitive nature of the digital camera market?

The digital camera market is highly competitive due to the presence of players such as Nikon Corporation, Sony Corporation, and Canon Inc, amongst others. Although the market is facing huge competition from the smartphone market, the players in the market are focusing on product launches to target niche customer base. Few recent developments are:

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