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What are the pros and cons of biomedical research?

The pros and cons of biomedical research. The major problem is a dysfunction of the brain, and the symptoms of this disease are shown throughout the whole body. The loss of memories, depression, communication problems, reduced immune system, and no muscle movements are the major symptoms. With the current medical knowledge,...

What is biomedical research?

Biomedical research is a key that opens the door to a better life for humans. As the ages have passed, various new diseases have emerged. Those diseases become more vicious and evil in a way that they destroy the human beings when compared to the diseases in the past.

What are the pros and cons of Bioengineering?

Pros: 1. Tackling and defeating diseases: Bioengineering has played a very vital role in ensuring that common diseases are defeated. Through genetic modification, some diseases have been defeated while others have been neutralized.

What are the ethical issues in biomedical research?

Since the biomedical research studies and tests with the living things, the ethical problems always rise with the opposition to top leading medical research. The most known example is the stem cell research.

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