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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can you get with a biomedical degree?

Depending on the level of education you complete, studying biomedical science can prepare you to work as a research associate, academic researcher, physician, optometrist, dentist, laboratory manager, or grants administrator. Jobs exist in fields like hematology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and clinical chemistry.

What is the definition of Biomedical?

Definition of biomedical. 1 : of or relating to biomedicine. 2 : of, relating to, or involving biological, medical, and physical science.

What is another word for Biomedical?

Synonyms for biomedical include biological and medical. Find more similar words at!

What colleges offer biomedical degrees?

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Whiting Schools of Engineering and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is a prestigious department of the Johns Hopkins University. It offers undergraduate, graduate, master and research programmes in the field of biomedical.

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