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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Consumer Cellular cost?

You can also choose to bring your own device. How much does Consumer Cellular cost? Depending on which plan you choose, Consumer Cellular costs anywhere from $15 for a no-data plan to $55 a month for an unlimited-data plan. What happens if you go over your minutes or data limit with Consumer Cellular?

Where can you buy consumer cellular phones?

You can now find us in many convenient retail stores, including select Walmart and Target locations. Enter your ZIP Code, or City and State below to find the stores nearest you and a listing of the device models available within each. Please enter either a City, State or Zip Code.

How much is Consumer Cellular a month?

Consumer Cellular is known for having some of the cheapest plans with the starting phone bill cost per month at about $15 with the opportunity to add things like data streaming for just $5. But with very few perks, are these low prices worth it?

Are consumer cellular smartphones unlocked?

Consumer Cellular is a prepaid cell phone carrier that offers affordable cell phone plans on AT&T and T-Mobile. Plans start at $25 per month. ... Most phones that are unlocked will work on . Consumer Cellular. An unlocked phone means it isn't tied to any carrier, contract, or financing agreement. Consider contacting your current carrier to see ...

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