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Frequently Asked Questions

What phones work with Consumer Cellular?

What Phones Are Compatible With Consumer Cellular? 1) Alcatel Go Flip. The Alcatel Go Flip is a classic, convenient flip phone that makes communication easier. The phone offers not only an economical ... 2) Doro 7050. 3) iPhone XS. 4) iPhone XS Max. 5) iPhone 8 Plus.

Are Android phones less secure than iPhones?

First thing first, iPhone is NOT more secure than an android. The security of the device is in the hands of an user. It's the user who shouldn't do things which can hinder the overall security of a device. Statistically, android's can get hacked or get stolen easily than iPhone.

Do all Android phones have accelerometers? On a side note, most Android phones do have an accelerometer, but often the behave differently depending on the device. You will need to do a little bit of testing.

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